How To Write Your Reference

This is where you can find out how to post JavaScript Code for others to use. You can also refer to JavaScript code when you need it in the Javascript Code Reference Page.


This code is divided into 2 parts, functions and objects. Any functions that are methods of an object should be placed with the object. Any function that relates to another function by calling ought to be placed together.

Starting a piece of code

It is recommended that you post your code snippets in the forums for admin approval. After approval, a new page will be created for you to share your code with everyone.

Editing and writing

Suppose you have some code but you are still not sure if it works as intended, add:

// Warning! This code may be inaccurate in syntax or may not work properly.
// Please refrain from using it.

at the start of the code to remind others. You can also place the code into a button and test it. If it works, you can take that 2 lines down and remember to leave the button there to show that the code works.

Mistake editing

Please help edit all mistakes. We hope to make this section error-free.

Making code more efficient

When you come across a piece of code that is really long and inefficient, and you know a more efficient code, do not edit the code unless you are sure that the functionality of the program is not affected. Placing another block of code under the original one is recommended instead.


  • Help! I'm full of ideas but I have no time to program them!

Do not worry about that. You can post your (hopefully realistic) ideas in the forum in a separate post. Please describe properly about your idea and hope that someone would program it or the admins may put it in the project page.

  • I want to help but I have no ideas!

We have a project page in case you are interested in ideas.

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