Building a fun program (Some possible HTML knowledge is required.)

This program is to just help people make their own code. The outline of this program:

  • Functions and other stuff generated by just a few clicks


  • No semicolons
  • Rather hard to click and long-winded if the program made is long.


  • Each function is built separately
  • When a function is built, a prompt will be initiated to find the name of the function. Note that the word used must be checked.
  • Then another prompt will ask for the variables (Input ALL variables, separated by commas)
  • Result will be shown on screen in intervals: var thisFunction = function(variable1,variable2,variable3…) {};
  • Then we will allow anything that JavaScript can do afterwards.
  • Afterwards, the user can copy out the function and use it.
<input type=button value="Start!" onClick="buildFunction()">
<textarea rows="40" cols="80">

One thing to consider is to use other programming languages to create this project. For example, this snippet outlines how to write a menu option in F#.

open System
let goto f = f()
printfn("Welcome to the JavaScript Code Creator. Please select an option.")
printfn("Press 0 to create a function.")
printfn("Press 1 to create an alert.")
printfn("Press 2 for other options.")
let useroption = Console.ReadLine()
if useroption = 0 then
  goto functioncreate
else if useroption = 1 then
  goto alertcreate
else if useroption = 2 then
  goto miscellaneousoptions
  printfn("Invalid input. Please input either 0, 1, or 2.")
let functioncreate() = printfn("What would you like your function to be called?")
                       let functionname = Console.ReadLine()
                       printfn("How many parameters would you like your function to have?")
                       let parameternumber = Console.ReadLine()
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